Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 7: A Picture of Your Most Treasured Item


I was cleaning (yes definitely cleaning this time) my room last saturday and I came across my old treasure box, old because I already have this new treasure box haha. Anyway, I stuffed a lot of things in there like letters from friends, birthday cards, old photos, tiny teddy bears, story books (my story books actually, back then my brother told me I have this amazing imagination so I should write it), ribbons, tokens, jewelries, shirts, bags and a lot more. My 'stuffs' are special to me, that's why I put it in a treasure box and open it once in a while. But there is this one thing I treasured the most that I don't put in my box. It my mother's ring...

I could still remember clearly the day she gave me this ring. She told me to take good care of it because it was given to her by my father when they were newly weds. It is the first ring my dad gave to my mom because during the time when they were still dating, money was still scarce so my dad didn't get to propose with a ring. Only after they were married were she bought the supposed to be engagement ring to my mom. Haha!

I love this ring more than I love chocolates. LOL. It like I feel like I'll go crazzzyyyy when I'll lose it. I wear this all of the time yet still lose it a couple of times. But it just makes me proud or better yet feel weird because everytime I lost this ring, it somehow finds its way back to me...

I know you too have a treasured item that makes you go crazy when you lose it. I wonder what that is... =D

Yen xx


YeamieWaffles said...

Awesome blog post. Very lovely story that goes along with it too.

Linux and Life said...

Hi, I saw you on Mai Yang blog, are you a Viet because your name sounds very vietnamese lol. I'm from Vietnam and a blog friend of Mai Yang.

Btw, I really like your blog, followed.

Yen said...

@maththew: thanks matthew, I like reading your blog too ! cheers!
@linux and life: Thanks for following. I'm no viet. Filipina. My real name isn't really yen, my friends just call me by that name. i'm a friend of mai yang

Mai Yang said...


yeahhhhhhh! I lost my man :(

hahahaha! jk :)