Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 13: A picture of your favorite band or artist.


I'm still alive! What a day! Geez.... when will my busy day end?

Anywho, yesterday was teacher's day and as the program president in our college I made a speech to all the teachers. It was so embarrassing because I wasn't prepared with the speech. My hands was really shaking obviously so I tried to hide it at my back. Haha!

So, here is my day 13 photo challenge. My favorite artist is Christian Bautista, a Filipino balladeer. His voice stirs my entire soul. IDK, haha! I go gaga when I hear his songs. Even Singaporeans and Thailanders love him too. And he's so famous there already. Don't know when he will be coming back in our country.
Come  back to the Phils Christian!

And by special request. Here's a photo of my lappy with her pink keyboard. Yeah, my lappy is female! You better try to know yours LOL. Yes, computers have genders too! I forgot how you could check it, I'll try to find it out again for you ( for those who doesn't know how and interested to know the gender of their personal computers )...
Lappy and Kitty

Sigh, so much more to tell and still wanna check out your posts too. But I just stole a quick time to stop what I was doing to post my photo challenge. Be back soon and I'll check you guys out!

Yen xx


YeamieWaffles said...

Sorry to hear about your speech, I bet you did a good job anyway. This guy sounds cool, never heard of him before but I'll need to check him out at some point.

Michael Westside said...

My computer is so male it could probably get your computer pregnant thru the internet. While riding a shark.

Anonymous said...

Had never heard about him. :S

Mai Yang said...

just like my sister. haha!

@Michael: gosh. haha

anney said...

Yes ganda ng boses ni Christian! Pang Internatiuonal talaga! By the way, very pretty namn ng lappy mo!

CutestPrincess said...

christian bautista is truly amazing singer!
my laptop is color pink also, so i think she's a girl, lol!

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