Friday, July 26, 2013

Make A Video Day

Hello Guys!

I had a very funny morning with my son. Today is my sister-in-law's birthday and since we have no gift for her special day, I decided to make a video with my little monster. After numerous and a seemingly endless takes I finally got the right shot. It took me almost the whole day to convert and edit the video because I was dovetailing with the video and taking care of Ozzie and the house. At last I'm done and have posted it on my sister's wall. I play it over and over and can't stop giggling. It just made my day and I am glad she likes it too. So I wanna share it here and hopefully put a smile on your face. Haha!

Apologies for the video quality. I can't upload it as a wav file. So I converted it to 3gp.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Make A Post

Ola everyone!

Four months from my last post is quiet long. I thought I could make another entry after I give birth but man! It really ain't easy to become a mother. I get less and lesser time with other things. I don't even log in to facebook and surf the net as much as before. But I am very happy taking care of my baby despite my lack of time with other stuff. Good thing I am getting the hang of it but I still didn't have the motivation to make an entry until last night when a good friend text me to make a post about me and my little monster. I couldn't resist because I have also been holding on to this urge of posting another entry on my blog.

So, enough with the dilly-dallying. Atlast! The long wait is over. I have finally cuddled my little angel in my arms, kissed him and whisper to his ears I love him. Here's my baby boy's photo a few hours after I gave birth.
Thankfully I survived an emergency c-section and gave birth to a healthy 7.2 lbs baby. After months of thinking, arguing, teasing and seriously thinking of what name we will give our angel, my husband and I with the help of my brother , finally, named him Roslan Lupierre but we call him Ozzie, a pet name made by his granma.

When we took him home.
It's my 2nd month of being a full time mom and it is really tough. All those sleepless nights, the worries of baby getting sick, the laundry and the house chores? Phew! Exhausting. I can't believe I surpass the first ten days all by myself waking up at the middle of the night and sleep back for a few hours when the sunlight already floods the room. And then I have to take good care of my self too because my incision is still so fresh that the fear of it tearing apart makes me want to cry my heart out. It made me imagine the hardships my mom went through and all the moms in the world. And also my dad too, because I have seen my husband's effort of taking good care of me and our son for the first ten days after my delivery and before he heads back to work. I remember doing the laundry days after my delivery, it was a big NO, NO because it might rupture the stitches I got from my c-section. But still I did. AMAZING!!!! What mother's can do..

Hmm.. so anyway, after my husband left for work , he made me move back to my mother's house so someone can take care of my needs while I'm still recovering. And so I did. I celebrated my son's first month of being healthy and his second month too. The third will be this end of July and I am happy and thankful that he has grown into a good and healthy little boy.

Little munchkin's first month
His second month
Little monster's morning routine, giggle..

Me and my Ozzie boy
 And I have officially announced my little pumpkin's arrival and beyond. Haha! Just like The Duke and Duchess Kate's announcement of the Prince's arrival. Congratulations to England's future king, Prince George.

I think I'll cut it right here. So before I go to sleep here's my question for those who have no kids yet:
It's really tough coming up with a name to your child. Well for me, yes. Anyway, when you will have your own one day, what would you name your angel?


Friday, March 22, 2013

Sort Of A Busy Day

Ola everyone!

March is already coming to an end. April will soon come and it's unexpectedly, undeniably fast approaching! My baby will be due more or less 5 weeks from now. I am excited and nervous. Anxious of a lot of things and happy with a few. I can't do anything except to pray and leave it to God.

Okay, back to business. Here in our country, March is a Fire Prevention Month (though in the news a lot of the fire accidents happened this month), aside from that, school here ends and summer vacation for students is starting which means, schools out! Hello summer grande! Okay, so school ended, most of my relatives finished high school and my brother finished college. Yey them! This morning three of my cousins finished high school and because I love them so much, I gave them a little gift. It was tough finding something to give them because I am saving money for my delivery and for emergency use in the future. Good thing I have with me some stuff I ain't using anymore and other free stuff from Avon. So instead of buying new things, I used those resources and I am glad they liked it especially my cousin Haruka. She'll be going to Japan this Sunday to stay there for good. I gave her my first ever boots I bought in the States and I just used it a couple of times. She fell in love immediately and didn't take it off. Plus, I attended her graduation rites and did something she will never forget. You see, she have a secret crush with this boy and wished she could get a photo with him before she goes to Japan for her to remember him by. The question was how is she going to do that? She's shy and the boy does not even know she exist. I told her yesterday that I'll make it happen. She refused because she's shy. But I this morning, I did ask the boy to take a photo with her, and she was like "OMG Ate!" ("Ate" means older sister) and laughed endlessly. I know she liked it and was happy with even a single picture. HAHAHA, teenagers.
Haruka and her crush, hahaha!
Cousins Haruka and Dexter, congratulations guys!!!

In the afternoon, I went swimming with my aunt for about an hour and then left when it started raining. On our way home, I started thinking of what to give my brother-in-law, Rapha and my mother-in-law, Mama Rosie, on their birthday. Rapha's will be tomorrow during his graduation and Mama Rosie will be on the 27th. Special occasion have always been important to me. Whenever someone in the family is having a birthday, graduation, whatever things to celebrate from, we always prepare or buy something. I got used to it. So now that I have a new family, I can't help to give something on their special day. I planned a surprise breakfast in bed for Mama, but I can't seem to plan it well since my husband is out of town and I am still shy approaching my sister-in-law, Chayo. She's a very pretty and smart lady with a very sweet smile. Just like my husband. Haha! So I planned to just bake a cake or buy flowers and send it to her in her office, but like I said, I ain't got money cause I am saving for delivery, every peso counts haha. So my husband and I are still thinking of something that is not costly but will make her remember that it's her special day and she's special. Plan is still on blue print. LOL.

Tomorrow will be Rapha's graduation. He finished Bachelor of Science in Nursing in a university well know here to have excellent training, Xavier University. How I wish I could pat him on the shoulders and wish him luck and blessings for he will be journeying in the real world. I doubt. It will be hard for me to go to the city and stay there for hours because my back hurts easily now due to my growing baby. Oh yeah! Now I have a younger brother! Haha! I can't remember if I did mention in my past posts that I wish I had a younger brother than a younger sister, well my younger sis already knows about it and just laugh it out saying I have no choice. Haha! But now, I have one already, instant not so little brother! LMAO.

Here are some of the photos my mama and I took during my cousins graduation:
She didn't take off the bots I gave her, I'll miss you boots!!!

Took photos of my two lil cousins as they play around the field

Mama's ice cream treat for the kids

Oh yeah, I gained lots and lots of weight =(

Yay, I didn't expect I'd write something this long tonight. My back is aching again so I better lie down for a while. Oh! Dinner first before I forget. Okay, so basically, my day was not really busy but I think it was because I had my mind running the whole day! Haha!

How was yours?


Friday, March 1, 2013

Eternal Sunshine Of An Empty Mind

My crowded mind always go empty as soon as I open this page. Now, I do not know what to write to not bore you. My fingers keeps tapping on my keyboard after writing each sentence thinking what's next? And now each tap annoys me. So I decided to just write three things tonight.


Thank you for those who commented on my last entry. Haha! I didn't expect there will be comments after a year of not posting. I am glad there are still people interested to read just whatever there is in here. Thank you again and I appreciate it you guys.

RE YeamieWaffles: Thank you, Matthew! I am thrilled too. April is coming near and I'll be seeing my baby by then. I read some of your post. Will be reading a lot more.
RE Mai Yang: Yes Mai. Trimming to the max! Baby will be expecting to see you too soon!
RE A Beer For The Shower: Brandon/Bryan, whoever posted a comment. Thank you! I missed your webcomics and I have been reading again for laughs.


I didn't do anything productive today. I stayed the whole morning sitting in my aunt's store downstairs and in the afternoon lying on my bed earning more fats. I was thinking of walking around the neighborhood for exercise but got lazy. I didn't wash my clothes and didn't clean the house though I wanted to. My mind works 24hrs thinking of a lot of things to do even when I am asleep. Now, my body is all dead weight on my bed with my fluffy pillows all over. Does pregnancy really give this kind of laziness? I didn't even do cross stitching or my knitting today. I just sang the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Guess what? The song was referring to me!


After sunset, I watched this movie entitled "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", still lying on my bed (you could say I'm really as lazy as Garfield today, Haha!). The movie was all about a brokenhearted man who underwent a procedure to erase his memory of his girlfriend when he discovered that her girlfriend already did the procedure to forget him. Only to realize that he still loves her and wished not to pursue the procedure as he watched his memories fade. But he failed. As soon as he woke up after the procedure, the guy (Jim Carey) was waiting for a train to take him to work when he, not an impulsive person, impulsively and not knowing why he just went on a different train. There he saw the girl (Kate Winslet), his girlfriend which he erased from his memory and suddenly liked her. The couple have had a conversation without their memories and fell comfortable in an instant. They went out and said they had the best day together only to find out that they had a sad and boring history which they both erased from their memory. In the end, they tried to start all over again.
I do not know if you guys are a romantic bunch, but I just really like the movie because it makes me think about me and my husband. Before we got married and even until now that we are already married, we argue a lot and it makes me so sad to the point of wanting to forget and move on with my life without him. When I saw the movie, it hit me. The heart will always lead you to where it belongs even if the mind forgets. So even if I forget him, but my heart still do loves him, it will always lead me back. That is why we are still together no matter how anxious I am sometimes in our relationship. I love my husband. I guess, it's really normal to feel that sometimes. LOL.

So anyway, yes, those are the three things I have in mind left since the rest crawled their way out. Haha! My mind is not empty tonight after all.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Write Now.

Geez, I can't say I have been busy and I sure can't say I have forgotten this page either. I guess I was just lazy, got lazy, whatever. Okay, I have been lazy opening this one. But hey! I am back! Took a lot of guts to fight the laziness of opening this page again, HAHAHA!

I missed a lot of blog posts and news from the bloggers I follow. Well, to catch up with things I'll be reading entries again. And I hope this time, I'd be able to post my travels (if there will be any) and just anything that's crowding up this brain of mine. Right now, I need to write or type to keep my brain from rusting with doing nothing. LMAO! I opened my email and have 2000 unread messages. The worst part is, most of them are ads and spams and I'm currently deleting all them. It would have been great if it were important ones. Oh yeah! I got married last year, and now I'm expecting a baby boy. He's moving a lot now and I can't wait to see him. 9 more weeks to go! Exzzzited!!! I gained a lot of weight so there will be a rough trimming up to do afterwards haha!

I miss working, 5 months of home stay is killing me. But I'm glad my family and friends always visit to keep the boredom from eating my entire mind. I get to do stuffs like cross-stitching, knitting, and drawing to keep my mind working. Now, I am writing, which is also good for the baby as my mother-in-law said. Yay! I have two mothers now and I love them both, they are both pretty and loving. I can't wait to spend time with them together with my baby.

As I look at my calendar, I realized February is almost over. I have always hated this love month. Oh no, it's the other way around. It's because ever since I started dating and had a boyfriend, I never had the chance to celebrate February 14 with my partner. Not once. And to top it, I have not received anything either. Not even a surprise piece of long stemmed rose or a letter. I sometimes hate it when I see couples spending their time on that day and see the man giving her girl flowers, chocolates, stuffed bear, a romantic dinner and whatever. Sigh... Well, I did get to spend a pre-valentine date with my husband before he left for work this year. He gave me chocolates and I was happy. But February 14 is still different from pre-valentines date! So I'm glad February is almost over. Haha! I spent my February 14 with my sibling though and my brother made this surprise breakfast for us. He's so sweet...

By the way, the burger is not part of the surprise, that was during my pre-valentine date with my husband. We had burgers and milkshake. YUM YUM!

P.S: Geez, my last post was like almost 2 years ago. Novemeber 8, 2011