Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 12: A picture of something you love.

Haven't slept and it's now 3:05 AM here. I still have classes later at 9:00 AM. Geez... could this be insomnia? Nah, I don't think so because my eyes are already dropping slowly. Here is the next challenge though. Put it in advance in case I won't be able to post later. Haha!

Ding dong! You've got mails!
I so love mails! Mails from love ones who are far. It's like chocolate that brings life to my taste buds! It excites me to hear the mailman knocking on our door with envelopes in his hands or a box makes it even better! I keep them together in a box full of letters and notes from friends, families and anonymous people. I don't know when this crazy thing started.

I remember the times when I haven't received mails for a long time and decided to mail myself one. Haha! It was crazy. I was crazy. I was craving for it. I eventually got control of it when I grew up. Until lately, I fell into this frenzy again and told my boyfriend to write me a letter since he always travels for work. He didn't agree with the idea which became our fight and I eventually broke up with him. IT WAS JUST A LETTER!! JUST A LETTER I TELL YOU! and I ruined the three year relationship! Sigh. It made me wish mobile phones did not exist so that he could write me a letter or send me postcards even.

Now, as I'm typing on my pink keyboard, I'm beginning to realize that this might not be something that I love. This might be the thing that is called obsession. Could it be?

I think I'll disagree... Because letters are like chocolates. They are sweet. Letters are like our moms. They touch our hearts. Letters are like bombs, they could explode with news. Like whiskey and wines, give us warmth and comfort... These are the things about letters in the mails that I like. And maybe the reason why I love it and want it so bad.

Still, am I crazy? LMAO

Yen xx


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you put my portrait? :P

YeamieWaffles said...

Sorry to hear you're still awake at this time. Good luck dragging yourself up out of bed for your classes in the morning time. Nice blog post once again, I love letters too. They're so personal and such a lovely way of allowing us to express our feelings to the people we care for.

Mark said...

I don't get any letters :(

anney said...

Naloko din ako dati sa mga letters letters na yan. Noon kaming mag kaka classmates/barkada( elementary and highschool) nagsusulatan halos araw araw except pag walang pasok. hehehe! Hanggang ngayun e nakatago pa rin mga letters na yun.

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

In today's technological age, I really do writing letters. There is something so personal and sweet about that.

lhamo Mashutzo said...

you seem really adorable..
you love do i,,
sometimes doing cray things how ever makes u smile..isnt it..
lovely post..

kitkat said...

I love letters just as much but i never receive any :'(

Xan Gerna said...

ako ni minsan hindi ako naka receive ng mga letter letter na yan.. siguro dahil pa usbong na internet nun nung nabuhay ako hehe..

ay meron pala akong mga letter na narereceive! mga disconnection notice at bills! hehe ^_^

Mai Yang said...

yeah..I love letters too =))

A Beer for the Shower said...

If that fellow couldn't be bothered to write a letter, he belongs in the rejection pile for sure.

Stephanie Ayu said...

you have a PINK keyboard?

pictures please :) so i can be envious of course