Monday, September 12, 2011

What Happened Today


Last night, before I went to bed, I offered to God every inch of my concerns today and I wrote my prayer in one of my blogs. I didn't expect things will turn out good today and that I would be able to accomplish the most important thing to do in preparation for the Intramurals. I don't wanna bore you with the details of what exactly happened. But I am just so happy to be over with the final list of players in every sport and in providing them a tailor for their jerseys. Now, I could concentrate in my Front Office Duty and my Competency Assessment in the Front Office Department. Most especially, I now have the time to start posting entries on my other three blogs. LOL! This blogging thing really gave a new spice to my daily routine. Hate routines.

Yum Yum Cornetto
I arrived in school thirty minutes before ten o'clock in the morning. I was about to report to the dean's office to do my task as the president of the program when two of my officers, Paul and Jessa invited me for ice cream. Dang! temptation came running up my knees and made it tremble. Up. Up to my heart and made it beat fast. Ohhh I imagined how it melt in my mouth! And that was it, we went for ice cream in Kathryn's Bakeshoppe. I didn't get to visit the dean's office after that because I need to got to my brother in the hospital and ran some errand for him. After that, I went to school and saw a very close friend of mine, Carmela. Carmela stopped school because she got married. She went to school this morning to enroll for the second semester for her to graduate this March. I missed her so much that's why we had lunch together at McDonalds. I wish we didn't separate ways after that but I have to report to our dean and make some arrangements for a new tailor (early this morning, our tailor ms. Olive didn't came for the player's body measurement, so i got worried because of the little time I have to find another tailor and the jerseys are needed for the games next week!) but luckily, our dean already found one before I could so we started getting body measurements in the afternoon and I'm glad we finished it today. I thought we won't be able to finish it today. I thought it was too late. But thank God it wasn't. He really heard my prayer when I offered all my concerns to Him especially this problems in school, as a president of the program. I also thank Paul for dealing with the problems of the players. He is a great, funny and responsible man. I salute him for that.
My Salute! Peace!

I left school at 6 o'clock in the evening and while I was waiting for the ride, I saw the most beautiful thing I have seen today. The moon, shining so big and bright in the clear, vast sky. I miss the chance in taking a photo of it thought. Sigh. I didn't went straight home yet, I still went to my mom's store and helped there. I never liked helping out in the store. The usual thing that I do is stay at home and clean. I'd rather do some dirty stuffs than helping out in the business. Sorry mom... LOL. I love my mom! It's just not my thang.

And lastly, the best thing that ever happened to me today was reading 6 comments on my blog! haha! thank you guys! Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it. (Yawn) Tiring day.. I have to sleep now. Be back tomorrow.

Yen xx


Mark said...

Don't ever try to resist the lure of ice cream, the more you resist the tighter it pulls.

YeamieWaffles said...

It's inspiring how devoted you are to the whole school thing. Sometimes a little prayer and faith goes a long way to certain people. The sight of the moon sounds awesome, another good, interesting read, keep the posts like this coming! :)

Mai Yang said...

ohhh! I want a free icecream. :)