Wednesday, October 19, 2011

EXCITED!!! and four series I watch at night.

School is over!!! Yey me!

I wish I could spend more time on my blog now that school is over. I've finished my term as the president of the program. It was a total total tooooootaaal relief LMAO! Working is now next to my "Life Checklist", I was browsing the net this morning for available job offers that is related to my field. I picked a number of job offers where I am qualified. I received 2 interviews immediately after applying! Isn't it cool??!!! The interview is tomorrow and the other one is on Monday. The job site and interview is located in Manila, the center of trade in the Philippines. It's 2 big islands away from here, 3days travel by sea and an hour travel by air. Unfortunately, I can't go to any of the interviews since I still have to comply requirements for graduation and the fare is expensive too if I'll fly back and forth only for an interview. I hate it! But I'm sooooooo excited to work already! I can't wait for January! I wanna work! EXCITED!!!

I was practicing one of Nicki Minaj's song entitled Super Bass this afternoon. LMAO! I can't get the rapping right. It's a cool song! And lately, TV series in ABS-CBN, one of the tv networks here in the Philippines, have been getting my attention every night.

First is the series entitled "100 Days to heaven", this is a story about a rich business woman, Anna Manalastas, (Coney Reyes), mean, icy and cunning CEO of the toy Company, dies in a car explosion. When she arrived at the gates of heaven she realizes she is going to hell but being a good negotiator, she made a deal with the Gate Keeper to give her a chance to earn a ticket to heaven. She was given 100 days in one condition: she has to amends with people she had done wrong. Once on earth, she realizes that she is not back as her old self but as a helpless 7-year old.

Next is the series "Budoy" that tackles the story of a boy who is mentally challenged, and his family relationships and social issues.

The story started in a well-known family of doctors, the Maniegos. Dr. Maniego performs an artificial insemination on his wife, Luisa because they have no child despite their success in life. She gave birth to Benjamin which is a family blessing but discovered later on that the child is suffering from Angelman Syndrome which delays his intellectual development. This turns into the family in shame but Luisa becomes very protective to her son, Benjamin. To save the family in shame, Benjamin's grandmother gave him to a caretaker on his fifth birthday. Unfortunately, the caretaker dies and a woman named Elena adopts the boy and called him Budoy. She take care of him as her own and bring him to the province. Meanwhile, to save Luisa's sanity with loosing her child, her sister-in-law Grace suggested to give her a fake Benjamin. unknown to them, the fake Benjamin "BJ" is Grace's son. BJ studied in a prestigious school owned by his "family" and Budoy worked there as a gardener. Despite his condition, he strives to help Elena to save money for him to go to a special school. growing up not knowing their past, BJ and Budoy became rivals at school with a girl whom they both like.

Budoy never failed to make me cry. I like the story and I love how Gerald Anderson (Budoy) do the role.

Third is "My Binondo Girl", a story revolve about a girl, Jade, who pretends to be the long lost son of her father. She gave up her dreams and identity just for her father's love.

The story started in China when Chen Sy, a chinese businessman, got disappointed that his first-born child is a girl,Jade, instead of a hoped-for son. Chen and his family planned to give Jade to an orphanage. Full of sorrow, Jade's Filipina mother, Zenny secretly went back to the Philippines with her bestfriend's help to keep and save the baby. Chen got married to Zenny's bestfriend, Jean, after Zenny left. they have a son Chen Sy II and a daughter named Amethyst. Years later, Chen discovered that Zenny gave birth to their second child, a son named Yuan. Chen went to visit Yuan whom he did not know died after he was born. He saw Jade but did not consider her as his daughter. Zenny pretend Yuan is not home and that Chen have to leave. Desperate to bring along his son, he forced himself to go inside the house but Zenny stopped him and sent him home. Little Jade feeling left alone without a father tried to imitate his supposed to be brother. Until to the point where Zenny and her mother were sent to jail by a case Jean Sy filed, Jade couldn't think of any way to bring her mother and grandmother out from jail but to plead to her father. Chen ask for one condition: it was to bring Yuan to him. It pushed Jade to disguise as Yuan Sy with  one motive in mind, to feel the love and care of her father in the person of  her dead brother Yuan. While being Yuan, she got an executive work in her father's company and made friends with Trevor and Andy who the latter found out about her secret identity. Onyx, jade's bestfriend is in rival with Trevor to win Jade's love. Unknown to the two, Andy is doing his move too.

As what I've heard, Binondo is a place in Metro Manila where a lot of chinese family lives. Half Chinese and half Filipino is called "Tsinoy".

Last but not the least is the series "Amaya". This is a Philippine Historical fiction set on the time prior to the Spanish colonization in the Philippines, mid 1500's in the regions of Visayas.

Rajah (King) Mangubat was known throughout the land as a great undefeated warrior. One day during his expedition, he met a babaylan (priestess) who prophesized that he would be killed one day by a woman who had a snake for a twin. Enraged by the prophesy, the Rajah killed the babylan but remained anxious of his unborn killer and got more angry when he knew his killer was a woman. He kept it a secret and with this, he ordered his warriors to kill all pregnant women in his village tribe and the other villages that are under his reign. The only village that survived Raja Mangubat's terror was Datu Bugna's because of their long time friendship and alliance. What Raja Mangubat didn't know was that the girl was born in the Datu Bugna's territory and was the latter's daughter with an ulipon (slave) named Dal'ang, which he loves the most compared to his wife. They named her Amaya and upon seeing the twin snake, Datu Bugna freed it to the forest. While Amaya was still an infant, he was forced by his wife's blackmail and ordered his men to get the child from her mother. He hide Amaya in a secret chamber called "binukot". Lamitan, Datu Bugna's wife, ordered her men to kill Dal'ang because she was jealous with her. While growing up, he tells Amaya that Dal'ang already died and taught her how to hold a kampilan (dagger) and fight for her life. Because of Lamitan's evil desire to get rid of Amaya like she got rid of Dal'ang she betrayed her husband and tells Rajah Mangubat that her husband is planning of a revolt. Rajah Mangubat's men took Amaya and her sister Marikit in the binukot to blackmail the Datu. To make him confess of a sin he didn't do, he killed Datu Bugna in the end in front of Amaya. The Rajah took Amaya and the rest to his tribe, there Amaya discovered her prophesy and bound to do it to take revenge for her father's death. But how will she do it if she is in love with the Rajah's son?

Yikes! This is getting longer than I thought. Better end here, I have to stop now LMAO.

How have you all been?



Mark said...

Congrats on getting finished up at school, good luck getting a job

Michael Westside said...

I have no idea what you're talking about. At all

Mai Yang said...

hahaha! Michael is always as whatever. hahaha! anyway, so can relate to this! no more school. I'm loving it! hahaha

YeamieWaffles said...

Good to hear school's finished up now and good luck in the future! It's good you'll have more time for blogging as well, I love your posts. These all sound like great shows to watch as well, I need to check some of these things out! Nice new layout too (if it's even new, I'm a scatterbrain at times!)

anney said...

Di ako pamilyar duin sa Amaya kasi yung TV namin kundi nasa cartoon channel e nasa channel 2! hehehe!

CutestPrincess said...

cool... my family love to watch the 100 days to heaven, budoy, binondo girl and nasaan ka elisa! i'm not always watching tv but i watched binondo girl and nasaan ka elisa... my favorite!

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