Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lazy Lazy Lina

Are you a cat person?

I'm not.

I'm a dog lover but ironically I don't take care of our dogs that much compared to our cat. Yes, I have a cat at home. Ironic isn't it? He stays inside the house while my dogs stay outside... in a cage. LOL! But during feeding time and bath time we let them out of their cages so they could also run, play and poop outside haha!.

Anyway, my cat is a 'HE' but his name is a girl's name, Lina. We didn't see his balls when my cousin gave him to us so my sister and I thought he was a girl. Thus, we gave him a girl's name. Glad he didn't turn gay!

Lina is a lazy cat like Garfield. He does not catch mice or even kill cockroaches. He just watch them pass by. He sleeps like he's already dead. And he eats a lot of food! Very lazy cat! He even hates it when you play with him or even stroke his back. But i still love him though. LOL.

There also things I love about him. These are times when he wants to get our attention. Like when I'm busy surfing the net, he will lie down on my lappy's keyboard. Like when my sister is busy studying, he will lie down on my sister's book. You'll see in the photos below. Here are some of his stupid and cutest photos and what he says:

Can I play?

Eating Time!

I wanna look good in the camera

Look! I have a pink tag! I ain't gay!!

What you lookin at?

Look at me Jo, I wanna play!

Itchy balls

I'm dreaming of you

Where's my princess?

Mama, Mama!

I'm getting the hang of this

Look at me dead
That's Lina, hope you enjoyed!



Mai Yang said...

is that a pricetag? hahaha

YeamieWaffles said...

Your cat is incredibly cute! Especially when she has the rose out, such an awesome collection of photos, makes me wish I had a pet right now, I miss my dog! :(

Mark said...

Awwwwww that is a seriously cute cat. It's also good to know that my cat is not the only one that will lie between you and whatever you are using, ie a book or laptop.

just tututiny said...

Such a cute cat. Stumbled on your blog and was browsing around. Never been a cat fan but this one is adorable!

Anonymous said...

I'm a person cat. :3

A Beer for the Shower said...

Hah, cat at the table. He thinks he's people.