My Photos

After a nice walk

Winter is not yet over

Friends at the beach

Climbing trees is what I love

Having a picnic with my neice

Strolling around Chicago
Missing you guys

My ever favorite Budz

Girl Power

After a successful job interview

My sissy and I

His stares melts my heart


Smiles at skype for colit

Favorite Girl on Earth

A KiSS????!!! wrong!

fooling around with sissy

Breath taking moment, the view ohhh so magnificent

Scargot Tower in Dennis, MA

Goodbye Spring!

Ola Summer!

Seaside photo shot

last day in Hyannis

Last minute shopping with Shehan

my friend, my cousin, my love

Hats and bags everyone!

Interview at Marco Polo

Halloween Shopping!


Just a shot

Ready to retire for the day

Front Office Duty

Terminal Operation


Life at Sea

the unending smile

waiting for the toothfairy

No Lifeguard On Duty

Kiss for spring

at night with my favorite girl

ready to go

me at present...

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