Sunday, September 11, 2011

Four blogs?


I can't imagine myself right now. I am so busy in school, so busy doing chores at home and so busy BLOGGING!!!! Dang! I think I got addicted in this stuff. I could still remember clearly the first time I made a blog account and was thinking blankly on what to write. Now, I have four blog sites! The other three are under maintenance, LOL, since I just started there. Each site has its own category as planned. I'm so excited to be posting what I have to say on my other blogs. Of course, this will be my main blogsite still. Hope you could visit my other sites too and find it interesting once I started posting stuffs in there. Here they are: ( this blog is a learning blog about cooking. I plan to post here recipes and stuffs. so if you like to cook, visit coral's site) (wanted this to be private, but what's private in the internet? Should have written this down on a notebook instead of writing it in the net if I want this to be private. But then, I hope this will also help others learn how to communicate with God) (I plan to post photos in this blog of everything there is here on earth. Hope you will enjoy this too) (lastly, this blogsite that I love. My thoughts + Noodles. Hope I won't bore you one day. thanks for being there for me. I'll check you out too)

Oh yeah! I already decided what photo to post on my day 8 list! Haha! And I received my first ever award given by Most Awesome Blog Title Ever, Mai Yang! Yoohooo thanks Mai, I'll be posting it later! Love yah!
 Hmm what else should I say?... Oh, about my last post, At Last! Singapore!, thanks for the comment Matt and Linux and Life I appreciate your comments. Thanks for reading. I've never been to Vietnam Linux but I'd gladly go there one day. Tour around Asia perhaps if time and money would permit me haha!

I guess that all for now, be back for more posts later. Still have chores to do. Thanks guys!

Yen xx


Mai Yang said...

Welcome! ^_^

got wordpress, tumblr, travel blog, and myspace blog too. geeh..but was thinking of ditching those. hehe ^_^ So hard to maintain blogs if your have more than one. ^_^

Yen said...

right. that's why im busy now coz i wanna maintain ALLLL LOL! hope so

YeamieWaffles said...

Nice post. I bet these things are tough to keep control off. I'm going to stick to my one blog lol.

Mark said...

You have four blogs? O_O I couldn't comprehend being able to do that lol. Hope you stay on top of them :) And congrats on the award!

CutestPrincess said...

hello there, thanks for your sweet comments and for following my blog!


It’s a GIRL Thing

Fickle Cattle said...

Wow, good luck! I can barely keep up with my one blog. :-)

Fickle Cattle