Friday, March 1, 2013

Eternal Sunshine Of An Empty Mind

My crowded mind always go empty as soon as I open this page. Now, I do not know what to write to not bore you. My fingers keeps tapping on my keyboard after writing each sentence thinking what's next? And now each tap annoys me. So I decided to just write three things tonight.


Thank you for those who commented on my last entry. Haha! I didn't expect there will be comments after a year of not posting. I am glad there are still people interested to read just whatever there is in here. Thank you again and I appreciate it you guys.

RE YeamieWaffles: Thank you, Matthew! I am thrilled too. April is coming near and I'll be seeing my baby by then. I read some of your post. Will be reading a lot more.
RE Mai Yang: Yes Mai. Trimming to the max! Baby will be expecting to see you too soon!
RE A Beer For The Shower: Brandon/Bryan, whoever posted a comment. Thank you! I missed your webcomics and I have been reading again for laughs.


I didn't do anything productive today. I stayed the whole morning sitting in my aunt's store downstairs and in the afternoon lying on my bed earning more fats. I was thinking of walking around the neighborhood for exercise but got lazy. I didn't wash my clothes and didn't clean the house though I wanted to. My mind works 24hrs thinking of a lot of things to do even when I am asleep. Now, my body is all dead weight on my bed with my fluffy pillows all over. Does pregnancy really give this kind of laziness? I didn't even do cross stitching or my knitting today. I just sang the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Guess what? The song was referring to me!


After sunset, I watched this movie entitled "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", still lying on my bed (you could say I'm really as lazy as Garfield today, Haha!). The movie was all about a brokenhearted man who underwent a procedure to erase his memory of his girlfriend when he discovered that her girlfriend already did the procedure to forget him. Only to realize that he still loves her and wished not to pursue the procedure as he watched his memories fade. But he failed. As soon as he woke up after the procedure, the guy (Jim Carey) was waiting for a train to take him to work when he, not an impulsive person, impulsively and not knowing why he just went on a different train. There he saw the girl (Kate Winslet), his girlfriend which he erased from his memory and suddenly liked her. The couple have had a conversation without their memories and fell comfortable in an instant. They went out and said they had the best day together only to find out that they had a sad and boring history which they both erased from their memory. In the end, they tried to start all over again.
I do not know if you guys are a romantic bunch, but I just really like the movie because it makes me think about me and my husband. Before we got married and even until now that we are already married, we argue a lot and it makes me so sad to the point of wanting to forget and move on with my life without him. When I saw the movie, it hit me. The heart will always lead you to where it belongs even if the mind forgets. So even if I forget him, but my heart still do loves him, it will always lead me back. That is why we are still together no matter how anxious I am sometimes in our relationship. I love my husband. I guess, it's really normal to feel that sometimes. LOL.

So anyway, yes, those are the three things I have in mind left since the rest crawled their way out. Haha! My mind is not empty tonight after all.



YeamieWaffles said...

Yen don't worry about not having anything to write about or anything like that. This is your blog remember and with you expecting it's just great that you're back here and able to write about your feelings and have a place to sort of write a journal about your pregnancy for us.

I loved the last bit about being reminded of how much your husband needs you. Remember that arguments in relationships are just part of life unfortunately but they never mean that you don't love each other, they mean the opposite in fact, people only argue because they care!

Xan Gerna said...

napadaan lang.. na miss ko dito sa blog mo hahaha! diko alam kung bakit hindi to nalabas sa dashboard ko ihhh ^_^