Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It may take a while


60 Days photo challenge? I still have a long way. And I'm pretty sure it will take me a while to post a photo on my day 8 list. I don't know how long I'm going to be stuck up with this one. It sure is hard to find the funniest photo ever because I can't seem to choose one with hundreds of choices here. But I'm pretty sure I'll finish this, I will. I have too. Lol.

Anyway, our intramurals is fast approaching and things gets more complicated. Preparing for an event is the toughest thing I have ever done so far. And being the president of the program is the worst thing that happened to me. Geez, i never wished or even dreamed to be in this position. I just wanted to finish school with good grades and not to be part of the student government. Sometimes I wonder why this certain student ever nominated me to be the president of the program. Tough job... But I think I'm getting the hang of it especially that my 'what to do' list is getting fewer and fewer everyday. Just like today, I had a very busy day with all the meetings, preparations and the try-outs plus an assessment for national competency, yikes! I can't believe I did it! Thank you for my ever supportive officers. I wish they will never get tired offering their service for the program. I didn't expect things will turn out well today, but so far, it was good.

It's 11:16 in the evening now and I'm still facing my lappy doing stuffs for the intramurals at the same time blogging. But then, I just run out of words to say. tah tah for now!

Yen xx


YeamieWaffles said...

Good luck with your intramurals... I'm sure that you'll do just fine. Congratulations on your position as President as well. I know you kind of rue ever getting involved but honestly you'll look back on things like this positively trust me.

Best of luck with that day eight of the photo challenge as well. So long as you intend on finishing it at some point I see no issue with taking your time with the whole thing.

Kevin Paquet said...

Blogging late in the evening hah? Hehe. It also took a while to read through that. Very enthusiastic about what's going on in your life. Hehe.

See you around!

Kevin Paquet of StudentBlogger.Net and PinoyTeens.Net

Linux and Life said...

you should emulate Mai Yang, she post a lot of pictures while you only post one pic for every post. That's unfair, we want to see more pics.

Yen said...

@linux: haha! maybeeeee... =D