Monday, August 22, 2011

My Top Ten Guilty Pleasure

If pleasure means being pleased because one is in the state of happiness, entertainment and enjoyment, then why should we call it "guilty" pleasures?  Does it mean because our enjoyment gives us guilt after? Haha I feel like I didn't make sense with what I just said. Anyway, while I'm sharing my helpless "guilt" hope you could share one of yours too.

My Top Ten Guilty Pleasures
1. Kitkat (I just so love chocolates that I could eat 2-5 packs of kitkat every day! My mom don't have any idea am into it. She doesn't want me to eat chocolates a lot)
Have a break, have a Kitkat!

2. Thinking about my wedding day (How will mine look and feel like? How will it go? who will be waiting for me in the altar? Will i have a happy ending after the marriage?)

3. Leche Flan, Mango Flavored Ice Cream and Strawberry Heaven (oooohhhhh never fails to  makes me drool!)
4. Shopping (spending money for stuffs I don't need makes me broke almost all of the time)
5. Dancing Like Crazy! (My sis and I loves to dance when we're all alone at home and imitate lady gaga, beyonce, bruno mars, or any artist we wish)
6. Calling my friends name in Public and pretend it wasn't me who called (haha the looks on their face)
7. Sipping cold Latte on a hot summer day on the patio (nothing but a coffee on hand could make me feel relax)
8. Pulling my love ones shorts down to see their under wear (not on public though)
9. Hanging out in the beach alone while the waves kiss my feet
10. Joy riding with friends riding at the back of a pick-up and shouting "hello" like to people we pass by on the street (funny when the say hello and wave back)

Now, what's yours?


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Miss Insomnia said...

CHOCOLATE is my guilty (and not so guilty pleasure) i love it so much, i have 4 posts on my blog(so far) about it! i love KitKat,but my top 3 would be malteasers, galaxy truffles and twix