Monday, August 22, 2011

Very first blog of my entire life!

HI! I've written since before  I became a teenager. I had this blue colored journal printed with a puppy at the middle carrying a pen and it has a bit of glitters in it and I carry it wherever I go. I used to call it my friend. Everything that happens during the day I'd "report" it to "my friend". I keep everything in there, my secrets, my fears, my happy moments and sad ones. That's not all, I also write short stories and poems which my brother finds amusing and he kept encouraging me to write everything that comes in my mind. I was a loner I guess since the journal is all I have to express with about almost everything in my life. I was most of the time quiet and mostly seen alone in one corner of the room doing some stuffs just by myself. Though I hang out with them sometime, I still prefer to just sit back and write things about anything.
But then, just like other teens I grew older and became interested in other stuffs like make-ups, traveling, cooking, boyfriends, sports, joining school activities, surfing the net and hanging out with friends... yeah I gained friends and have learned to love going out with them. With all these changes, I lost my way in writing. All those changes have a lot of stories to tell and everyday I missed a lot of things to write on my journal. Until one day, one very unforgettable day, I was cleaning my closet and found my journal.  Aside that its color faded and most of the glitters already smeared in the cover, it still looks the same. I remember the smile on my face seeing my so-called "friend" after how many years of being eaten by dusts in the closet. I scanned its slightly yellow pages that grew old with time and it brought back the feeling of me wanting to write again. I took out a pen later that night and started to scribble. But with all the distractions, my cellphone, the television, my sister chit-chatting on the phone and the thoughts of tomorrow's activity with school and friends made me felt hopeless to start writing. Instead, I went out and got my sister's old diary which I also found earlier and read every entry. It was the most unforgettable night because of those funny and childish entries she wrote about her crush and because of that I left the next page of my journal empty again. Years pass and still my journal lies in my table covered by papers, books, and other stuffs, untouched and waiting for me to write again. I read the entries from time to time yet still failed to write a new one. I never got the chance to write in it again until now. Each day that pass is like a memory wasted because I fail to record every minutes of it.
I came across this website early this morning while I was surfing the net and it made me remember writing again. I asked myself if I still know how to write and express my own thoughts before I sign up. I asked a friend on how to start again and what to do to start. I am not a good writer of some sort but I do love to write just about anything that comes in my mind so I gave this a shot.  I told a friend what I was doing and he asked what I'm going to write. Since I was still struggling on what to write, I said "I don't know" and stared blankly in my laptop screen then he said " I want to write about stuff that will matter and that can be read by people who needs to read it". That sounded cool, yet I wrote this though. It's not much nor  it gives any valuable information about something but I'm glad a did write something than nothing. It took me hours to think before I came up with this as a fresh new start in my online journal. Now I get to share my thoughts freely to everybody and hopes that someone will be reading my blogs. And if you are reading this, even if you don't leave comments I still hope you like it and you'll keep watch on my future posts!


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