Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 2: A Picture of You And The Person You Have Been Close With For The Longest

A Picture of You And The PErson You Have Been Close With For The Longest
This is my cousin. Her name is Maureen. I call her Couz, our friends call her Mau, others call her Parrot because of the fact that she talks a lot, i mean SUPER LOT! She was born 4 months ahead of me and from the day I was born, we were unseparable. We get to meet often and every summer she spends it at our home. I grew up knowing their family and ours were just friends. So I considered her as my bestFRIEND. Fortunately, it was more than that.

Back then we have this "Autograph Book", it's a book where friends get to write something about themselves and write a dedication to you. It was a hit during that time. I let her sign my autograph book. I looked at the line "WHO IS YOUR BESTFRIEND?" she answered "WHALA". I thought she was going to put my name on that blank because I put hers on my page. Then I asked her why, she said, "Because we are not friends, we are cousins!". I was surprised with what she revealed, that we were actually blood related. We were cousins! I was five, so how would I know? haha. But anyway, even cousins could be friends right?

Yen xx

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Unknown said...

i love you cousin!!! your my bestesssssttt cousin eveeeerr!! love you!!!