Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 1: A Picture of Yourself with Fifteen Facts

A Picture of Myself with Fifteen Facts

1 - i ate 3-5 packs of kitkat in 1 day ssshhh!!
2 - got the zipper of my slacks ripped while i was working, the only safety pin available are those pins for baby diapers... so i used them lol
3 - i used to love the color blue because its the color of the sky and the water which i both love but now its totally green, go green!
4 - i love to sing when i'm working and when i'm in the shower
5 - had dipped my hand in the toilet with sh*t on it and without gloves hahaha! top secret revealed
6 - always love to climb trees
7 - i've always been behave in class yet i seldom listen to the teacher haha
8 - i'm not the silent type though i'm mostly quiet
9 - loves to make things even more difficult
10 - i love the sea even though i already drowned once hahaha
11 - Fickle minded
12 - i'm the second child and eldest daughter
13 - papa's girl
14 - the city lights makes me want to live life everyday... idk
15 - real name is Honey Love. childhood friends call me Hon, college friends call me Yen

This photo was taken by a friend when we were in Hyannis Massachusetts. We were working in MA that time and going to the beach was our way of relaxing even though it was still cold and the water was still as cold as ice. We go to the beach almost every afternoon. It has always been my personal favorite past time. But I would also love to go up the mountain for a change.

The fifteen eclectic facts I wrote above are one of the basic information about me and memory I could never forget. We all have things to share about our own life, facts we could never hide from ourselves because it will always be a facts and it won't change, well that's according to me haha. So what are the fifteen facts about you?

Yen xx


A Beer for the Shower said...

If there are fifteen facts about me, I'm thinking that only about half of them are acceptable to talk about in public, and the other half involve yelling at bad drivers.

Mai Yang said...

college friends call me Yen! nalingaw ko ad2 da! haha