Thursday, July 25, 2013

Make A Post

Ola everyone!

Four months from my last post is quiet long. I thought I could make another entry after I give birth but man! It really ain't easy to become a mother. I get less and lesser time with other things. I don't even log in to facebook and surf the net as much as before. But I am very happy taking care of my baby despite my lack of time with other stuff. Good thing I am getting the hang of it but I still didn't have the motivation to make an entry until last night when a good friend text me to make a post about me and my little monster. I couldn't resist because I have also been holding on to this urge of posting another entry on my blog.

So, enough with the dilly-dallying. Atlast! The long wait is over. I have finally cuddled my little angel in my arms, kissed him and whisper to his ears I love him. Here's my baby boy's photo a few hours after I gave birth.
Thankfully I survived an emergency c-section and gave birth to a healthy 7.2 lbs baby. After months of thinking, arguing, teasing and seriously thinking of what name we will give our angel, my husband and I with the help of my brother , finally, named him Roslan Lupierre but we call him Ozzie, a pet name made by his granma.

When we took him home.
It's my 2nd month of being a full time mom and it is really tough. All those sleepless nights, the worries of baby getting sick, the laundry and the house chores? Phew! Exhausting. I can't believe I surpass the first ten days all by myself waking up at the middle of the night and sleep back for a few hours when the sunlight already floods the room. And then I have to take good care of my self too because my incision is still so fresh that the fear of it tearing apart makes me want to cry my heart out. It made me imagine the hardships my mom went through and all the moms in the world. And also my dad too, because I have seen my husband's effort of taking good care of me and our son for the first ten days after my delivery and before he heads back to work. I remember doing the laundry days after my delivery, it was a big NO, NO because it might rupture the stitches I got from my c-section. But still I did. AMAZING!!!! What mother's can do..

Hmm.. so anyway, after my husband left for work , he made me move back to my mother's house so someone can take care of my needs while I'm still recovering. And so I did. I celebrated my son's first month of being healthy and his second month too. The third will be this end of July and I am happy and thankful that he has grown into a good and healthy little boy.

Little munchkin's first month
His second month
Little monster's morning routine, giggle..

Me and my Ozzie boy
 And I have officially announced my little pumpkin's arrival and beyond. Haha! Just like The Duke and Duchess Kate's announcement of the Prince's arrival. Congratulations to England's future king, Prince George.

I think I'll cut it right here. So before I go to sleep here's my question for those who have no kids yet:
It's really tough coming up with a name to your child. Well for me, yes. Anyway, when you will have your own one day, what would you name your angel?


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YeamieWaffles said...

This post is so perfect, I'm absolutely overjoyed for you guys right now Yen, I've been thinking about you and wondering how you've been and it's great that this is the outcome, he's so handsome, so glad you and baby are okay!