Friday, September 30, 2011

Seven Things To Say


Atlast I'm back! Yipey! Lol. Born from the death of blogging LMAO.

First, after the LOOOONNNGGGG and tiring week of Intramurals I'm proud to say that we won as the over-all champion! Unexpected but true. And my mind is at peace atlast! Thanks for the officers who supported the program especially in taking care of the problems of the players. As always to Mr. Llenos and Ms. Llenares who never got tired of offering your service. Faculty and Staff especially to Ma'am Saab, Ma'am Dael and Ma'am Saavedra for your unending support and supervision. To all the signatories of the program, Daryl, Karl, Martin and Kesha, thank you! Also to Ms. Andre. Here are some of photos I took during the Intramurals.

HRM! Win or Win!
Mr. and Ms. Intramurals HRM Representatives (Ryxie and Marfe)

Basketball Women 
Friend Support

Carlo playing Sepak Takraw

They got the crown, HRM got the honor! 

Foot Sul

Green flags raised up high for cheers!
Harvey on Sepak Takraw, 1st placers! Congrats!

Thank you all! HRM Pride!
Second, guess what... I have two weeks more to go and I'm off to the real world which means I'll be finishing my college years two weeks from now! Yey me!! Though I still have to come back to school every now and then for my assessments. Speaking of assessments, I'm so glad the program got a 100% passing rate for the Front Office Procedure Assessment. I'm so proud of you guys! I think Mai Yang had shared about this last week. Haha! Congrats to us all!

2nd Batch Front Office Procedure NC II Passers

Third, time to continue my photo challenge. It saddens whenever I fail to update it everyday. Sigh.

Fourth, I just received a text message about the teacher's day next week. And I thought everything is over in school activities. Next week will be another busy week for sure. With all the seminars, meetings and activities... Sigh here we go again...

Fifth, I'm excited to apply for work after school! I wonder where will I be one month from now Haha!

Sixth, September 22, 2011, our dear freaky bore a very pretty angel. Welcome baby Anya!

Mama's Love
Welcome Anja! Our little freaky freak! We love you!

Seventh, I misssssss youuuu all!! Hahaha! Miss reading your blogs. I wish you have a great week last week.

Yen xx


Mark said...

That is a lot of things lol. Congrats on the good results :)

YeamieWaffles said...

Welcome back and congratulations. I was wondering why you hadn't been posting in so long yesterday for some weird reason and now you've came back! Congratulations on the results being good and everything. Sometimes school and things like that can be more important than regular blogging.

Anja's really cute too!

Mai Yang said...

Kudos to you Yen ^_^