Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 4: A Picture of Your Night

I am always home at night. Though I wish I am not. I wanna be out in the city or out of town just chillin' at the sea side with foods, drinks with silly talks and great laughs with friends and love ones. But life has not been fair at all, I get to be stuck up at home with my lappy all alone. I don't mean like I don't even love silence at all. I do, but once in a while people do search for noise, for existence, for life...

I wish I could put a photo of me in the balcony up in a 50 storey building and watching the city lights below or a photo with my family in the living room watching those crazy movies together with chips on the coffee table. But unfortunately, this is a photo of my night.
A Picture of Your Night
Oh, It's not really that unfortunate because I get to text my beau at night. Before I retire for the day, I get to lie in bed with my beau on the phone and say goodnight before I close my eyes. But I still wish to spend my night  outside the house with friends and family and eventually just get home with heavy eyes and snuggle in bed with a smile. How about you? What's your night like?

Yen xx

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